7 Ways to Break Bad Habits in Group Presentations

Group presentations really aren’t much different from individual speeches, but we treat them like they are. The first thing we do when assigned a group presentation is divide and conquer—one person takes the first topic, another the second, and the last writes the introduction, conclusion, and designs the PowerPoint.

We would never write a speech like this. There’s no cohesion, no plan for moving from one topic to the next, and no consideration of how to be engaging to the audience.

The result? Well, you’ve seen it. Long, choppy presentations—even the group members look bored listening to each other.

We need to break our bad habits in group presentations. More speakers should mean more opportunities to be interesting, not more ways to torture the audience. To take your group presentation from make it stop to over the top, here are seven easy-to-implement tips.

Read the rest of the post on the Good Sophist website. 

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