Liz sitting on porch.

Oh, heeeeeeyyy!

I appreciate you wanting to know more of my story because stories are kind of my thing. I love to read them, tell them, and swap them across Chardonnay-covered tables. I believe that sharing our true voices, raw stories, and unfiltered experiences can bridge the gaps between us and empower us to feel supported through trials and successes. I’m telling my current stories from Dallas, Texas, but some of my favorite memories come from a decade in Los Angeles, a year in Italy, and a childhood in Idaho.

I have had a lot of jobs. I’ve worked for magazines, taught in college and high school classrooms, and sat in a lot of rooms filled with smart people who are trying to make the world a better place. Just when it seemed like my resume was filling up with a page full of positions that had nothing to do with each other, I had an epiphany. Inspiring teachers, empowering leaders, and thriving entrepreneurs all have one common trait: a compelling story and the ability to share it. 

I share stories from my life with the intention of allowing other people to say, YES! Me, too! I am not alone in feeling this. My blog is a collection of stories about motherhood, growth, loss, ambition, sisterhood, career, failure, love, and dreams. When I’m not writing here, I coach students, professionals, and brands to speak their stories for live audiences, web audiences, podcast audience, and written audiences.

Or, I’m with my foxy husband reading the timeless classic Elmo’s First Book of Animals to Lucy for the ten thousandth time.


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