Growth Affirmations

Is it cheesy? Probably, yes. But a little positive self talk will absolutely do no harm. This can be a mantra, a mediation, a reminder, a post-it, or a prayer. Say these affirmations, write them, own them, or release them to the universe. 

I am expanding. And I greet each encounter as an opportunity.

I am creating. And my work adds beauty to the world.

I am worthy. And I receive time, effort, and praise from others and myself.

I am stretching. And I rest when I need to.

I am childlike. And I indulge curiosity and see miracles.

I am wise. And I know growth requires no timeline.

I am grateful. And I am alive in each moment of progress and setback.

I am joyful. And I find happiness in the smallest victories.

I am limitless. And I have control to create my own life and happiness.

I am powerful. And I am supported by the universe.

I am growing. And I am enough as I am.

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